Auto Let'sEncrypt!

Let's Encrypt is still awesome! So last time I talked about how awesome Let's Encrypt is, but what I fairly quickly found was that if you »

Let's Encrypt: certs for the rest of us

Let's Encrypt is Awesome! I just installed Let's encrypt on this server and used it to set up my free ssl cert for free!!! Some docs »

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Things I'm playing with

Yeah... So I've been crazy busy on all kinds of things. And normally now-a-days if I get the time to blog, I do so for MotionMobs. »

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Still pardon our progress... >.>

So I've updated the site again, and know a bit more this go around... hoping to not only merge a lot of our servers into one, »

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GameJolt Contest 10!

We are at 19hrs to go and I just have one bug(that I know of) before I'm ready to submit/release my game! However, I »

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